I was born and raised on a farm in Kitale, Kenya, East Africa.  At 14 years old, my family moved to Uganda, and I have been living permanently in the UK since I was 17.


L o v C o l o u r !


C o l o u r  makes me smile. 

It makes sense to me.

It opens my heart! 

My life seems to be a journey through  C o l o u r


I started to value and investigate my creative urges and impulses when I was 30 and a single mother of two children.  I studied GNVQ in Art & Design, combined with GCSE Art & Design, followed by an A' Level in Art & Crafts.


I paint to love & heal myself, to champion myself, to be free of my perceived earthly limitations and to endeavour to understand and embrace my relationship with myself, life and the rest of the world. I use art as a tool to work through life’s journeys and cycles.


The further on in life I travel, deeper meaning and understanding of my true self, my Soul, seem to emerge through the canvas.  As my journey unfolds, I am forging a deeper connection within myself and in my relationships with others and Nature.


Painting is my invitation to myself to look deeply into my life as it is in the moment.  It inspires me to search within, evolve, and challenge myself to bring more authenticity to my existence in my day to day living and in my work.


When I get a feeling to paint, I explore this desire and develop and expand on images that help me to communicate the emotion that is working its way through and seeking expression from deep within me.


In my Birth Name Soul Plan:

                          Creativity is my Worldly Challenge,

                                                                                    Creativity is my Worldly Talent,

                                                                                                                                       Creativity is my Spiritual Goal


Why am I doing the Mandalas?


I met Blue Marsden when I had my Soul Plan reading in January 2014.  The experience and the information that I was given quite literally blew my mind.  It took me 3 days to recover! I felt that during these days, energetically I was being taken apart and re-wired!  A metamorphosis in my thinking and belief systems about my creativity occurred.


I couldn’t sleep that first night and it seemed that my Creativity channel had been opened wider and I was being bombarded with inspiration and ideas for many new and existing projects.  After hours of trying to sleep through this, I realised it wasn’t going to stop until I honoured it and gave it an outlet!


I eventually embraced the Energy that night and drew a design of the 8 petal Lotus, with the Soul Plan Star of David in the centre, and placed the symbols from my reading within that.  Soul Plan Mandalas were born! Then I slept!


The painting took me about 30 hours over 22 days to complete.  Whilst I paint each Soul Plan Mandala, my mind seems to step aside.  Colours find me and their place on the canvas.


I endeavour to capture and embody the unique qualities of your Soul Plan reading.  My vision and hope is that the subtle Energies within your Soul Plan Mandala Painting inspire and support you in your journey through change and help you to discover and give credence to your Soul Purpose.  

Soul Plan Mandala Water Jug Coaster

About the Mandala Paintings


The Soul Plan Mandala painting is personal to you.  The Soul Plan chart is based upon Sound vibrations of your birth name or an overlay name, (the name on which your Mandala will be based).  The Soul Plan Mandala painting incorporates this specific vibration into a unique visual experience for your Soul to express.


Your painting could be used as a distinct focus on all aspects of your Soul Plan Chart, or your Reading if you have had one.  The colours, the design and your specific healing symbols within the Star of David formation create a subtle exposure to the wisdom and knowledge of your Soul Plan reading. 


If you have not yet had a Soul Plan Reading and are giving me a name for the Mandala Painting, please do consider, at some point, finding a Soul Plan Practitioner at  www.soulplan.co.uk who will give you an individual and indepth reading pertaining to the Symbols and vibration of your name.


How I use my Own Personal Soul Plan Mandala


I use my Mandalas to energise my drinking water, by laminating a photograph of my Mandala painting and placing a jug of water on it to activate the water with the Energetic Vibration of my Soul Plan before I drink it.  I believe this action transmits the Subtle Energies of my Soul Plan Vibration into my water and thus into every cell of my being when it is consumed. 


Please look at the Link for Masaru Emoto's beautiful studies on water that has been exposed to sound, thought and other vibrations at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8.


I also use my Mandala as a Meditation focus, a visual channel to access a deeper understanding of my Soul Plan and Life path, or as Blue Marsden says “Remember your Talents are the fulcrum between your Challenges and Goals.  Using your Talents will help you overcome your Challenges and reach your Goals!”

Soul Plan Mandala Water Jug Coaster
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