Soul Plan Mandala Testimonials

“Christina has a dominant vibration of pure creative energy (6-6) at the heart of her Soul Plan. She also has an ability to access the inspiration of her Soul through direct connection (9-9). This combination helps her to capture a person’s 'Soul Plan Vibration' and stimulate this into action through the tangible medium of art.  I have hung the mandala she created for me in my office for inspiration, as I believe her work can ignite much transformation and healing.” - Blue Marsden

"The Energy of my beautiful Soul Plan Mandala on my wall is very powerful.  I feel supported and aligned in my highest intentions and highest reflection of who I am."  - Carmelle Znow

“Christina’s Mandala Painting is a powerful reflection of my Soul Plan Chart, and it’s just so full of vibrancy, colour and light. I love it!” - J Walters

From the moment I contacted Christina I've felt such a natural connection with her.  She took the time to get to know me ... blending softly with my energy before she began her intuitive journey with the canvas.

I plan to hang my Mandala in my new holistic therapy space.  With each and every glance I can feel the energy that this stunning visual representation brings.

Love & gratitude to you Christina x - Susannah Lee

My Soul Plan Mandala is so beautiful and I have it in my meditation room and just keep looking at how beautiful it is.  It has captured my Soul Plan perfectly. 

Thank you so much Christina you are truly inspirational and talented.  I am going to use my Mandala to create Soul Message Cards to offer to my Clients after a reading so they have their Soul Message card as a keepsake from their reading - Marion Morley

The postman arrived at 0750 this morning. I was so excited opening it!  My goodness it is amazing and means so much to me. It's so good to see the symbols so clearly and I know this is an amazing start to me now doing Soul plan work! The symbols speak so much more to me and as soon as I saw a few of the symbols I thought 'oh my goodness, I had forgotten I had such lovely symbols in my chart!' It's on my wall with pride and joy! The timing couldn't have been any better... I know this will help me in so many ways!  Christina, it is beautiful!
Thank you so much again.  Much love
xxx  p.s. I can't stop looking at the detail and the colours!
- Jacqueline


What a jewel, an inspiration, and the detail is astounding, Christina thank you for my wonderful mandala and translating all of its wonder, you are a star x x  - Philippa Throssell


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